I Will Until

“I Will Until” is not a motto… it’s a way of life.

It’s how I went from broke to a millionaire in a relatively short time…

…and if you want to achieve anything in life, the quickest way to get there is by taking massive action and creating a daily affirmation with the simple words “I Will Until“.

Need to pay off your debt? Affirm to yourself daily “I WILL work as hard as I possibly can UNTIL I write the last check paying off my debt”

Need to lose 10 pounds before your best friends wedding? Affirm to yourself “I WILL not eat any sweets UNTIL I show up at my friends wedding and watch my friends jaws drop when they see me”

Every person who has achieved any goal will tell you you need to remind yourself of your goals daily…

… and there is no better way to remind yourself of those daily goals than with my new “I Will Until” clothing and goods line.

IWU Logo T-Shirt

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IWU Long Sleeve Shirt

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Snapback Cap

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Spaghetti & Racerback Tank

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Classic Mug

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Logo Zip Hoodie

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Who Is Cedric Penn?


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Slated to become a third generation career worker in the rural Pennsylvania coal mines and steel mills, it was the extraordinary visions that one child had for his life, coupled with a gifted athletic ability which fostered his dream and determination of becoming a professional player in the National Football League. As the youngest child of eight however, it was the deeply rooted values, spiritual beliefs and insistence of higher education.

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